The bat order (Chiroptera) represents the second largest group of mammals, after the rodents, with about 1,240 species that represent about one-fifth of all known mammals. In Britain, we officially recognise 16 resident species (2 horseshoe bats, 3 pipistrelles, a serotine, 2 noctules, 5 little brown bats, a barbastelle and 2 long-eared bats), all of which are legally protected.



How is moth evolution linked to bat echolocation?

Some research suggests moths may evolve to hear echolocating bats, helping them avoid being caught.

Is the expression “blind as a bat” justified?

Contrary to popular misconception, bats are not blind and some even have colour vision.

What bat species are found in the UK?

The UK is home to 16 species in seven genera.

What is echolocation & how do bats use it?

Bats bounce sound off objects in their environment and listen for the return "echo" to help them hunt prey in the dark.

What is hibernation?

Hibernation is more than a winter sleep. It's a complete physiological readjustment.

What it the “Pipistrelle Split”?

The realisation that one species of pipistrelle in the UK was actually two!

What should I do if I find an injured bat?

Secure the bat in a small box with air holes, offer water and call your local bat group.


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