What’s planned?

This page is intended to give you an idea of the content that I have plans to add to Wildlife Online in the future. I've deliberately avoided putting these in any kind of priority order or giving an “ETA” because researching each article usually ends up taking longer than I estimate it will. I make every attempt to get the pages online as quickly as possible, while maintaining the attention to detail that I feel is necessary; but other commitments invariably eat into my time, causing delays to the uploading. I'm always open to suggestions for content inclusions, if you have an animal or subject you'd like to see featured, or a question you want answered, on here, feel free to e-mail me and I'll see if I can add it to my list.

Full species profiles planned

Brown hare
Chinese water deer (currently in prep)
European mole
Fallow deer
Hazel dormouse
Reeves' muntjac deer
Roe deer
Sika deer
Tawny owl

New articles currently planned

Making your garden attractive to wildlife (Now Online)
Who's there? Identifying animals from their field signs

Updates to existing pages

European badgers
Sharks & rays

New QAs

Are deer a serious threat to forestry and agriculture?
Can rehabilitated foxes be released back into the wild?
Do deer pose a serious threat to car drivers and what can be done?
Do deer represent a problem for birds and plants?
Why are foxes so 'smelly'? (Now Online)
How do deer vocalise for so long without getting hoarse? (Now Online)