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Flowering gorse

Seasonal Update (April 2024)

A look back at March's weather, conservation, science & website news, plus an introduction to the adder.

Backlit daffodils

Seasonal Update (March 2024)

Weather, science and conservation news, and a quick dip into the subject of frog and toad spawning.

Sunrise over the fens

Seasonal Update (February 2024)

Some weather, some science and a tour of the biology of hibernation as we head out of winter and into spring.


Seasonal Update (January 2024)

A look back at a very mild and stormy December, some new science, and a whistle-stop tour of a garden favourite - the robin.

Reindeer in Cairngorms

Seasonal Update (December 2023)

A summary of November's weather, some science and conservation news, plus a look at the fascinating natural history of reindeer.