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Flooded lakes

Seasonal Update (February 2021)

January's weather round-up as we head to the end of winter. The usual conservation news plus new research on beavers bringing value and boldness in foxes.

Frosty forest

Seasonal Update (January 2021)

A cold start to the new year, but one with plenty of promise. Conservation news plus research on Chinese water deer and brown hare survival. Happy New Year!

New Forest copse in winter

Seasonal Update (December 2020)

Looking back at a very mild end to autumn and ahead to this month; news, plus new research on how diet affects Red squirrel skulls and hedgehog hibernation.

Misty tree in field

Seasonal Update (November 2020)

Stats for September's weather and weather review for October, conservation news, plus new research on parakeets in Britain and the ancient fox-human connection.

Autumnal beech leaves

Seasonal Update (October 2020)

Recapping September's unseasonable weather, conservation and science news, plus new research on urbanisation on moles and how supplementary food affects hedgehogs.