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Sunrise through pilon

Seasonal Update (July 2021)

June's weather roundup, science & conservation news, plus new research on Red squirrels on the Isle of Wight and Roe deer tick burdens.

Cornish countryside mist

Seasonal Update (June 2021)

A review of an unseasonably cold and wet May, plus science and conservation news and new science looking at swift migration and orangutan social learning.

European robin fledgling

Seasonal Update (May 2021)

All the usual weather, science and conservation news plus new research on the impact of robotic mowers on hedgehogs and how foxes influence soil quality.

Tree blossom

Seasonal Update (April 2021)

A round up of March's weather, the usual science and conservation news and new research looking at Tawny owl colour morphs and Brown hare predator avoidance.

Spring sunshine

Seasonal Update (March 2021)

February's weather review plus the usual science news. This month covers new research on using dogs to find hedgehogs and distracting deer from plantations.