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Hampshire sunrise in June

Seasonal Update - June 2022

A look back at May's weather, conservation, science & website news, plus new science on wildlife responses to approaching vehicles & Grey squirrels in Ireland.

Bluebell woodland

Seasonal Update (May 2022)

April's weather round-up, wildlife surveys open now plus science & conservation news & new research on road noise & hedgehog garden use.

Cornish lambs

Seasonal Update (April 2022)

A look back at March's weather, science, conservation & website news, plus new science on hedgehog rehabilitation and how fur seals respond to white shark declines.

Waves crashing at Totland Bay

Seasonal Update (March 2022)

Weather update including storms Dudley, Eunice & Franklin bringing record winds. Website & conservation news & studies on shark skin & wildlife detection dogs.

Dawn over New Forest pond

Seasonal Update - February 2022

A quick look back at January's weather, science, conservation and website news, plus new science on pine martens and squirrels and fencing motorways.