Seasonal Update

Gulls in a flooded field

Seasonal Update - March 2020

The usual seasonal round up, plus new research on dispersal in Sika deer and where hedgehogs are most susceptible to traffic.

Greylag geese

Seasonal Update - February 2020

The usual seasonal round up, plus new research on how zoos can increase public engagement with wildlife and why you should leave the mower in the shed.

Winter sunrise through beech branches

Seasonal Update - January 2020

The usual seasonal round up, plus new research on how noise pollution affects robin territoriality & the impact of tourism on white shark diet.

Frosted bramble leaf

Seasonal Update - December 2019

The usual seasonal round up, plus wildlife news & new research on how human voices reduce predator activity & culling badgers disrupts their behaviour.

Autumnal beech leaves

Seasonal Update - November 2019

A look at medium-range weather models for winter & sage advice from David Attenborough, plus new research on tool use in pigs & squirrels eavesdropping on birds.

Misty New Forest dawn

Seasonal Update - October 2019

A look at hurricane Dorian last month, plus new research on how bees pickup pesticides from weeds and whether staring down seagulls can save your chips.

New Forest heather in bloom

Seasonal Update - September 2019

A look at August’s weird weather, plus new reports on water stress & new studies on black squirrels & the nectar drought facing Britain’s bees.

August sunset on the New Forest

Seasonal Update - August 2019

A review of last month's weather, plus how you can help fight climate change & new studies on tawny owl calling & the unique genetics of Britain's red squirrels.

Misty Broadlands dawn

Seasonal Update - July 2019

A review of last month's weird weather, plus unprecedented Arctic melting and new studies on red deer behaviour in altered habitats and badger visits to farmyards.

Backlit grasses

Seasonal Update - June 2019

A review of some citizen science projects that need your help, plus new research on how plants can hear bees and how Australian mammals are learning to avoid foxes.